About Dr. D. Shina

Dr D Shina

Dr D Shina (Shina Radhakrishnan, D. Shyna, Malayalam – ഡി. ഷൈന) is an academic, researcher and writer in Electricity Finance. She is actively engaged in research activities in various aspects of Power Industry. Her views and analysis of power sector are widely noticed and published by national dailies.[1][2][3] She started her career as an academician and retired as Associate Professor in the Commerce Department in Sree Narayana College, Kollam. a premiere center of higher education in South India. She is currently with the Sree Narayana Guru College of Legal Studies, Kollam. She lives at No 11 Aradhana Nagar, Kollam

Birth and education

She was born at Kollam, Kerala in 1957 as the daughter of Kootungal Divakaran and Panamoottil Bhasurangi.. She had her school education in Craven L M S High School, Kollam and the higher education at Sree Narayana College for Women, Kollam. She took her M Com degree from S N College, Kollam. Her M Phil and Ph D were awarded by the University of Kerala. K. Radhakrishnan former member (Generation Kerala State Electricity Board is her husband. Sruthi R Krishan and Anath R Krishnan are children married to Unnikrishnan K P and Revathy Lal respectively.

Career and Achievements

She has been teaching in graduate and post graduate levels in various colleges under Kerala University for more than 33 years now. She is actively engaged in research activities mainly centering power sector. Her comments on the sector are often well accepted.[4][5][6] Her study on the Financial Performance of the Kerala State Electricity Board completed in 2007 made strong recommendations for continuance of Electricity Industry in Public Sector. Currently she is conducting a study on the impact of load shedding in industries. This study is sponsored by the University Grants Commission (India). She had several works to her credit including articles in research journals, periodicals and news papers. Her study with Dr M Sarngadharan on Indian power industry in the public sector [7] published by Cooperjal Ltd UK was well noted. From 2008 onward she analyzes the Union Budget about power sector for the national daily the Hindu [8][9][10] and is often described as an electricity finance expert by news papers

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